Park Headquarters at Bako

We stayed overnight at this paradise learning about the flora and fauna. this section shows pix of the layout of place where camped. In front of the campsite lay the beach and the South China Sea while you can see the dense Dipterocarp forest at the back

The registration counter of the park.

Our group relaxing & waiting or allotment of accomodation

The wooden Chalet with 2 rooms where 4 of us stayed. Compared to our Crowne Plaza of Kuching, this was very simple accomodation, but given the chance to stay right within the rain forest- literally in the lap of nature, this was a real thriller!

Most construction on the island of Borneo is on stilts as there are chances of flooding. One can expect thunderstorms and heavy rainfall in the afternoon & evening. Luckily we were spared for most of our days in Borneo
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