Kuching & the Sarawak river

This is another interesting structure of Kuching taken from my hotel room on the 10th floor

More pictures of the cruise we had on the evening of the first day first day, when we set out in search of Esturine crocodiles and fireflies. While
fireflies were easy to spot, the crocs posed a challenge for the boatmen. Just when we gave up, our boat was able to spot a baby who quickly jumped ito the water, a sub-adult and an adult - all in darkness. They fled before I had time to focus my camera on them.

After the cruise we ended the day with dinner with a local family. their house was typical of a modest Malaysian joint family- built of wood and on stilts. Lifestlye very informal and cosy and similiar to our own Indian rural way of living. As we were leaving, the youngsters of the village came out to see & greet the Homosapiens from India. Reminds one of the kind of warm curiosity we face back home!

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