Mt. Kinabalu Botanical Garden

After a trek through the Silau Silau trail, we arrive at the entrance to the Botanical Garden of Mt. Kinabalu National Park.

See some beautiful plant species of the area

The afternoon visit was to Poring Hot springs where we enjoyed a canopy walk. Truly a wonderful experience as we walked up 1/2 km & thereafter walked on a hammock - like ropeway which swung up & down & sideways with each step you took. There were 5 such canopies after which we took the descent of another 1/2 km. It was a walk at a height of nearly 100 mts above ground level where you could walk through the tree canopy to experience what life must be like up there in the trees! Unfortunately I could not take any pictures as it was raining during the period.
The canopy walks were orignially intended for scientists to study insects and other species at eye level. This is indeed a good experience for all nature lovers.Posted by Picasa

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