Gunnung Gading National Park

Sudhir Agashe, Roshan Panthakee & Sumitra Sreenivasan pose near the Park office

the famed pitcher plant & some orchids (below) on our way to the park

"Gunnung" is Malaysian for Mount i.e. Mount Gadding. This National Park is a two hour drive from Kuching. It lies in the district of Lundu which is home to the Iban kwak tribe of Borneo. They are headhunters who end every sentence with the word "Kwak" which means "you"

This is home to the Rafflesia flower the largest flower having a width of one meter.
Unfortunately during our visit, there were none in bloom so we had to satisfy our selves with the buds which would take about 9 months to bloom and some blackened remains of an old bloom.

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